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Veena Ranga


When I was expecting my first child, I was told during a routine check up by the doctor that they couldn’t hear the heartbeat. I was sent to Mount Sinai hospital located in downtown Toronto to see a specialist. After having done all tests they diagnosed that this child wasn’t healthy and suggested the option of terminating the pregnancy. Having been a follower of Jesus, my husband and I decided that we couldn’t go through with this decision – that we should trust in God and pray. We and all our extended family members started praying in one accord, with tears and supplications.

After a few weeks, I had a follow up appointment with a specialist at the same hospital, and we heard the shocking news that everything was as it should be.  All had been turned upside down. Where there seemed to have been no hope, we were on the road to having a normal pregnancy. Jesus is the doctor above doctors. My daughter was born fully healthy and normal. She is now 22 years old, graduated Ryerson with a BA, and working full time for the District of Toronto School Board. Above all, she is a very committed and dedicated member of BDCC, plays keyboard and sings in the English worship team (we do worship in our native languages apart from English) and assists in youth events and other activities! All the glory to Jesus.


Most recently - just this past September 2015, I received a phone call from by brother back in India, and was being told that our mom was in the hospital, in very serious condition. According to the doctors, both her kidneys have stopped working and since she is elderly, dialysis was not an option. They were saying that she doesn’t have much time left, a matter of days only. I bought a ticket and booked my flight for the next day to go to India – our family members here and our church began to pray for a miracle. As soon as I arrived in India, I went directly to the hospital to see my mom. I  heard this amazing miraculous news that the doctors did try dialysis, and not only was it turning out to be successful but it really boosted the kidneys instantly and they began working on their own. To the point that after a short while the doctors were saying my mother wouldn’t be needing this much longer. Within a week, she was fully recovered and sent home. Ever since then she hasn’t done any dialysis and her kidneys have been working as if nothing happened. What an awesome God we serve.

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