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Princa Kapoor & Gurmeet Singh


I was born and raised in a Hindu family and Gurmeet in a Sikh family.

We were both devout in our respective faiths. I was always longing for a deeper spiritual connection and wasn’t being satisfied even with the many gods I had been praying to all my life. I felt that there was more to a faith journey than all these myths, which dictated much of my life. I knew there was something bigger than these idols. A force much more meaningful than what I knew.


We were married for 5 years with the desire to have a child, but this was not happening. We had every possible prayer and ritual done according to our religions. Had also went to a fertility clinic but were unsuccessful.


One day, we had been invited to come to church through a relative, just to be prayed for. As soon as we stepped into the church, the worship touched our hearts and we felt incredible inner peace. We decided to come back, and have been a part of this ever since.


Pastor and the church members prayed for us, and four weeks later, we had news from our doctor that we were expecting!! Jesus has changed our lives completely. We have learned that we should not be scared of God, because God has a desire to have a relationship with us. He doesn’t focus on our weaknesses, whereas in Hinduism, we were taught that we have to reach perfection in order to have such kind of relationship with gods.


We have a great desire and we continue to pray that one day, both of our families and friends will come to know the Almighty and Everlasting Father. 

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