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I was born and raised in a Hindu family partaking in daily rituals to idols. I was introduced to Jesus while still in India and ever since then I started walking with Him.


I was a victim of a severe brain hemorrhage in February 2013. It came all of a sudden.

I was admitted in a Toronto hospital for months in a coma, to my family the doctors were saying there is no hope. My family along with the BDCC family got together in unity for prayer and fasting for a healing miracle.


During my coma, I had an encounter with Jesus. I was overjoyed seeing him in his glory. He spoke to me saying, “daughter, you need to go back”. I said “why?” he said, “because your time hasn’t come yet. Go back and share your testimonies to others so they may come to know that I am the true and living God.”


I then awoke from my coma and today I am talking and able to move one full side of my body. I am on the path to recovery, with the help of prayer support, past physio sessions, and the hope and faith of my family. Thank you Jesus!

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