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Monica Sehijpal

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In May of 2015, I had suffered a stroke and experienced difficulty in my speech and delayed mobility in the left side.


My faith family in Christ had been praying for me consistantly, and during the Thursday prayer sessions (each week at church), my husband made efforts to bring me.


During the session, the pastor and I were sharing in song and prayer and pastor began to encourage me to start moving slowly around. Instantly, I was miraculously regaining energy and strength within my body.  I then stood up on my own, and began to worship and move my entire being. 


Having experienced God’s incredible anointing, I couldn’t believe the healing that was taking place. When I came to myself again, I got up and felt like a brand new person.

Ever since that time, I never felt the same! No pain, no weakness or difficulty in my movement or with my speech. Praise and Glory be to Jesus!

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