Each of these areas of ministry are available to church members. They are encouraged to partake where they see an opportunity to use their God-given talents and develop their spiritual growth and gifting.


Understanding the message of Jesus and exercising it in creative ways. Demonstrating the meaning of “intentional living”, with emphasis on compassion and love in tangible, relatable ways.


Learning and experiencing what it means to be a true follower of Christ, how can we imitate his ways, and apply them in each areas of life. What submission to one another, and to God looks like.


Servant leadership is a key-component at BDCC. There needs to be a development of one’s character, along with integrity, which comes when serving for a period of time.

In-house Ministry

Furnished nursery space, which includes children’s toys, books, screen, videos and other educational items for them to enjoy while accompanied by parents who can partake in listening to sermons, training or teaching sessions while caring for their children.

The following grouped classes will consist of trained and certified ECE/Assistants whose focus will be on the development and growth of each child in areas of empathy, compassion, forgiveness, positivity and kindness using Bible based teachings. Encouraging and empowering children to serve in all areas of life as they grow and mature in faith and in their daily routine.

● Senior Kindergarten – Grade 3
● Grade 4 – Grade 6
● Grade 7/8
● Grade 9 – Grade 12

BDCC’s vision is to develop strong leaders and members equipping them to serve/volunteer out of love, mercy and justice, by exercising a courageous faith that eagerly works towards expanding the Kingdom of God.

Discipleship is a key component for growth and it is also part of the development experience. We teach and train the youth to get involved in areas where they can realize their potential and bless others by doing so.

They learn how to work with others, serve in areas where they are gifted, navigate difficult situations in order to understand and recognize how to be beneficial to the church body.