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Mercy Bhatia


I was born in India and raised in a Hindu family and married into a Sikh family. When I was younger, it was a ritual of ours to go to the Hindu temple. One day, at the temple, a certain priest had told us to leave because the gods have to now “go to sleep”. Looking at all those idols, there were many thoughts that crossed my mind. “How can god sleep, how can these idols sleep”.


At some point, someone who was a Christian came by our house, and was sharing some words about Jesus. During this conversation, he mentioned how Jesus being the Living God neither slumbers nor sleeps. These words really struck my mind and my heart. Right away, I felt that I had found the truth. This is the true living God whom this man is mentioning – these are some of the characteristics of the real God Almighty. Ever since then, I began to follow Jesus – my life is full of many miracles and stories, including the fact that my husband, our three children and both my mom and dad are following Jesus and members at BDCC.

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