What is the purpose of a Membership Covenant?

● To clarify the biblical obligations and expectations for both the Leadership and the congregation (as individual members of the BDCC body).

● To establish Christ’s teachings and doctrinal parameters for the BDCC body.

● To understand and implement a system which generates a structure where the church body may function in all areas of service and ministry.

● Members have certain privileges and are accountable in specified areas.

Volunteering Testimonies

"I made the decision to serve at my church because it was there where my efforts could result in someone’s life being changed. It is through this local church where someone can find a sense of belonging and acceptance no matter where their life’s journey has taken them".

"Serving others has allowed me to focus on larger issues and others rather than always on myself".

"There is a unique relational bond which develops within the church setting, especially while serving alongside others. This bond has given me the opportunity to learn how to navigate through conflict, appreciate and value others based on their different opinions, character and chemistry".

"I understand that I am a child of God. My life matters because He loves me, and I learn take care of myself so that I may be a source of help or inspiration to others".

"Living a self-focused life benefits no one. Serving others helps carry the burden of suffering, adds a sense of support and hope to those facing challenges, and increases the joy of life by making a difference".

"Church volunteers learn the gift of giving sacrificially (of their time, talent and resources). It is a natural feeling from within that is nurtured and encouraged by God and demonstrated by Jesus while He was here on earth. Compassion will move you to be generous".

"Being a volunteer has taught me how to develop new ways of strategy, and using creative thinking methods on how to carry out certain tasks. These strengths have been utilized in many other areas of my life (work, home etc…). I’ve also learned the importance of what matters in life, how will my actions affect others, and how can I be beneficial to team members?".

"My children grew up watching and serving alongside us as we served others. A privilege we never expected but thank God for every day. It is rewarding and humbling to know that I would be passing on a legacy of service to the next generation".