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Intentional Living

God moved into the neighborhood – as Jesus. He paved the way to intentional living by being the example of one who extends unconditional love and compassion in very creative ways according to each context. There is no judgment or condition. Just pure hearted love and justice for all.   We are called to do

International Students

Unfamiliarity, loneliness and challenge; these are some of the adjectives we hear when speaking to international students, who come to Canada – far away from their families, their native lands and a life they leave behind seeking a better future. When you spend time with them, you can’t seem to walk away without trying to

All of 15 years is now sort of coming to the end of an era, but towards the beginning of a new wave! We take with us the learning experiences, (the good, the bad and the in-between). But through it all we can humbly say that Jesus remained our focus. We continued to hold onto

Muskoka June 2018 Trip

Recently took a trip to Camp Crossroads and loved every minute of it. Reminded me of how the pace of life just slows down once you pull up at Grey Gables. The sights and sounds of Muskoka bring you to wonder how this place remains constant even in the busyness of our lives. Though things